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Rohr - Why Initiation?

Sweat Lodges are primarily a Native American tradition, 

The sweat lodge is a wonderful opportunity to release and cleanse. The ritual of the sweat lodge is a beautiful series of activities that culminate in an evening of renewing and deep spiritual experience.

Many people are afraid of what the sweat lodge experience is made out to be in the media. Contrary to what we've seen on the news, the sweat lodge is a safe and private ceremony

What you can expect during the sweat lodge is to spend time gathered around the fire with the grandfathers or the stones that will heat the sweat lodge as they reach their full temperature. this time will be spent in drumming or sharing with your brothers. when the grandfathers or stones of reached the temperature the process of entering the sweat lodge will begin. typically a sweat lodge will have four rounds each round focused on a different aspect of spirituality. in the dark and hot environment we are called to be present to one another and to that which created us. After the sweat lodge is over there is an opportunity to continue to celebrate and share as the fire winds down. Cleansing refreshed you of experienced a we know at the very core you are

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