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JOI - Journey of Illumination

Journey of Illumination is a process for continued spiritual growth and transformation of men. This process challenges you to show up and pay attention daily to the need to overcome the weight of your routine in order to realize a full, intense and well-grounded spiritual journey. Doing so is not easy, but it does involve clear elements:

By choosing to participate, you will enrich and enliven your existing spiritual practices, and create or restore balance in each step of your journey through a commitment to do the work that is the essence of spiritual discipline. What drives this process is accountability, both to yourself and others.

Crafted as a result of the collective efforts of hundreds of men, the Journey of Illumination awakens men to two essential challenges of the Journey—to choose a specific action (show up) and to be present (pay attention) in the body, the heart, and the mind.

Your personal investment in yourself and in the process is very important so that a group of elders can be raised up who live the values of Men As Learners and Elders and are not just into “joining” or “attending.” While much of the “work” will be on your own, we will walk together in preparation.

We trust that many of you have already begun incorporating these disciplines into your spiritual journey.

This is indeed an exciting time and we trust that the Spirit has much to teach us and will continue to lead us. Thank you for your willingness and openness.


We do not walk this journey alone! An important aspect of the Journey of Illumination (JOI) is the pairing of each man with a mentor. Your mentor will connect with you at different times of the journey to check-in on how things are going for you.

Your mentor is not your Spiritual Director or counselor but rather a man who can encourage and challenge you based on what you share is happening in relationship to the different elements of the JOI. Check-ins can occur in person or by phone as your mentor might be located in another geographic area.

What Does The Journey of Illumination Invite You Into?

Choose at least one PRACTICE from each of the 5 Forms of PRESENCE. Be disciplined about practicing your choices at the frequencies listed in the Guide Sheet.

Journey of Illumination Guide

Reflection Spiritual Reading List

Encouraged Daily with journaling and/or spiritual reading, from the following:
• Bill Plotkin, Soulcraft
Richard Rohr, Adam's Return
• Henri Nouwen, The Return of the Prodigal Son
• James Finley, Merton's Palace of Nowhere

Note: We encourage you to use the 30th of each month (M.A.L.Es day) for days of fasting, study, prayer, and/or service for yourself and other men.

Journey of Illumination Commitment Card

After reading, praying and discerning that you are ready to begin the Journey of Illumination sign and date the Commitment Card and mail to us.


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